Our Clients

“David Glinski has been a delight to deal with. His insistence on craftsmanship and attention to detail insured a high quality product. He promised customer satisfaction and has seen to it that it was delivered. He is a warm friendly man with superb people handling skills who went out of his way to solve problems as they arose. What impressed us most about Dave was his interest in finding solutions to the various problems instead of wasting time fault-finding or placing blame. In addition he answered any and all questions we had and saw to it that we got exactly what we wanted. He made us feel that we were important and that our input was welcome…”

Emery & Gail Malendrone

“Dave, and Dave alone, has worked with us since the outset. He has answered questions, solved problems, worked out alternatives and assisted in many other ways. We’re grateful we had him to work with, especially in a time when one hears mostly negative comments.”

James E. & Mary E. Smith

“We know there is a potential for difficulties with every new home construction. That’s life and stuff happens. The bottom line is that Dave Glinski was accountable for the complete job. We commend him for the way he handled himself when the pressure was on. If we can ever give a recommendation for the service, not to mention the product, please let us know.”

Ronald J. & Maria H. Wykmans

“We’d like to express our sincere thanks for all you’ve done in helping us realize our dream of building a home. You’ve made this a whole lot easier!”

Walt Coelet

“In 1992, Dave Glinski built a house for me in the Oro Valley area. My husband and I were hoping to build our dream house, and we were so lucky to pick Dave to oversee the process. He was so knowledgeable and interactive; several of the suggestions he made were so good that I still enjoy them every day (i.e.: raising the porch roof a foot above normal height and having oversized windows to better catch the view)! He also listened to my ideas and was able to make my special needs become a workable reality. He paid attention to our dreams and our budget, and created a wonderful house that has been practically maintenance free for 18 years!

I recently called Dave on a Sunday and left a voice mail hoping he could help me locate the septic tank. He not only returned my call that day, he was also able to tell me exactly where the tank was located!! I continue to be astounded by the dedication this builder has to his customers, and cannot give high enough praise to the wonderful work that he does. THANKS, Dave for a wonderful home!!! You’ve touched my life with your work and your work ethic!”

Judi White

“David, Just a little thank you for all your kindness. You are truly one of the great guys in this troubled world. It’s nice to have someone you can count on.”

Bob & Carol Renfro

“Dave, Dinner for you and your wife on the Costello’s. Thanks for a great home.”

Bud & Joan Costello

“We just want you to know how much we have appreciated all your help in the building of the house. It never would have been finished on time or with such care if it hadn’t been for your vigilance. Besides that you are just a fun person.”

Tom & Jean Baxter

“We love our house! What a builder you are”

Michael & Johanne Hoyt

“David — This house would never have been so perfect without you… Thanks for all of your caring, phone calls and most of all being our friend. We miss seeing you, drop by.”

Carter & Dodie Allen

"You have certainly gone the extra mile for us. Thanks for all your help."

bulletJane Heaton

“When we moved from Germany to Tucson, we built our first home with Mr. David Glinski, president of Sunset Custom Homes. As it turned out, it was a lucky choice. He did build us a wonderful home. He had many good ideas and insisted on quality work in areas we were not aware of. He also finished it on time. Afterward, as we lived in the house, we had absolutely no complaints.

Five years later we wanted to move closer into town. We heard so many horror stories from friends about their builders that we decided to only do this if David agreed to build our second home. Fortunately he accepted and we had the same great experience building our second home with Sunset Custom Homes.”

Peter & Claudia Pieper

“Dave has been instrumental in the building of our home. A more honest and reliable person could not be found. We were totally ignorant of the process of building a home and all we had was a small picture of a floor plan. But with Dave being the visionary he is, the end result speaks for itself. He included us in the complete project, asking what we wanted and expanded our visions to see what other options were available. It took Dave’s experience and expertise to have the home we have dreamed of. Dave has exceeded our expectations, from the engineered foundation for the most structurally solid foundation to the interior that displays quality and attention to detail. Dave has given us so much more in our home than we ever imagined possible… I just can’t believe how incredibly wonderful this house is and it’s hard to imagine that we are actually living in it. What a house.”

Rick & Carol